Some of you may know my name from the spa & pool industry. For 19 years I was the Publisher and Editor-In-Chief of SpaRetailer, PoolPro, Spasearch, and Poolsearch. 
During my interviews with thousands of hot tub owners over my career, I listened to them share their constant frustration with trying to maintain healthy and crystal-clear spa water. Soaking in a hot tub should be about pure joy and relaxation, not wasting time trying to ‘fix” water issues.
After years of research, I found the root cause of most water issues was bio-matter and other hard to remove contaminants that build-up over time. Simply draining the tub or adding more chemicals only postpones the problem. A hot tub must be periodically “cleaned inside out” regardless of the daily chemical regime use.
The subject of bio-matter isn’t intended to scare or alarm, but to heighten awareness. It’s really about common sense. I always try to reassure our customers that following just a few basic preventative measures will keep your closed-loop water appliances like hot tubs and jetted spas running at optimal performance for years to come.
In the end, this passion to educate morphed into launching OUSTER™ WATER SOLUTIONS.
Hopefully, as you learn more about Ouster™ products and our philosophy, you will join our community of water enthusiasts.
Happy soaking,

David T. Wood, CEO
Ouster Water Solutions